Communication at Work

Being an effective communicator is an essential skill for any profession. In this course, you will learn the secrets to writing, listening, and speaking with credibility in order to share your voice with the world.

Course Outcomes

  • Interpret a speaker’s message by actively listening, avoiding judgment and appropriately responding.
  • Develop professional written communications that are coherent and appropriate.
  • Use appropriate technology solutions to effectively communicate time-related tasks.

Media Assets

  • Features 4 Video Stories

Every day you use communication to share your ideas with the world around you. You chat with strangers at the supermarket, text your friends about dinner plans, and engage with your classmates and coworkers. Your communication helps you form connections, build relationships, and get things done. And, the better you are at communicating your ideas, the more successful you’ll be at home, school, and work.

This week, you’ll practice the art of listening by learning how actively listening to what others are saying can improve your communication skill and help you reach your goals.

This week, you’ll use that knowledge to refine how you deliver YOUR message to others. You’ll discover how to use techniques like body language, preparation, practice, and feedback to hone your communication skill so you can speak up successfully.

This week, we’ll explore the benefits of written communication. You’ll discover how to use writing to share your ideas with peers and coworkers so you can strengthen your communication skill, accomplish your goals, and get where you want to go.

This week, we’ll bring together audience, purpose, tone, and structure to strengthen our communication skill through writing. And, you’ll discover how your self and social awareness skill can help you make the right calls.

Even the best writers have to revisit and revise their work. This week, you’ll bring your written communication to the next level by learning how to edit your way to greatness.

Throughout this course, you’re learning how workplace communication can help you achieve professional success. This week, we’ll discover how honing your communication skill can help you be more productive in the workplace and reach your personal and professional goals.

Last week, you learned how developing your communication skill can make you more productive. This week, you’ll learn how practicing your technology skill and wisely choosing your tech tools can improve your communication in the workplace.

This week, you’ll discover how to overcome communication obstacles. And, you’ll learn how your communication, productivity, technology, and self and social awareness skills will help you recover when unexpected problems scramble your plans.

This week, you’ll discover why good communication is the foundation for collaboration and how all of the skills you’re learning throughout this course can help you collaborate successfully.

This week, we’ll take a look back at how far you’ve come and discuss how you can continue using your skills to forge your professional future.