The Key to Working Together

Your ability to communicate effectively is the key to connecting and engaging with a variety of audiences. In this course, you will learn about a range of communication techniques needed to deliver important information, build relationships, and meet personal and team goals. You will also improve your technological skills so you can collaborate in dynamic workplace environments.

Course Outcomes

  • Present professional oral communication messages to engage, inform, and persuade an audience.
  • Analyze a speaker’s message to respond appropriately and professionally.
  • Complete a common goal using interpersonal interaction and balanced teamwork.

Media Assets

  • Features 10 Video Stories

Over the next 11 weeks, you’ll hone four essential skills as you learn a range of communication techniques to better actively listen to others and build relationships, work with people to meet personal and team goals, and deliver crucial information to sway your audience’s opinions. So, get ready to lead from where you are because you’re about to become a commander-in-chief of communication!

This week, you’ll sharpen your communication and agility skills by exploring active listening techniques that’ll help you absorb information and better navigate the back-and-forth of your daily conversations. You’ll also discover the causes of poor listening and how to overcome them so you’ll be better equipped to become a leader of listening and a top dog of tuning in!

This week, you’ll boost your communication and agility skills by learning about audience analysis—how knowing your audience is the first step to connecting with them. And you’ll discover why audience analysis is essential to becoming a standout public speaker, an ability that’ll help you woo and win your personal and professional dreams!

This week, you’ll learn how to harness the power of teamwork! You’ll hone your relationship building skill as you collaborate and communicate with others on a group project. You’ll also practice your initiative skill as you share ideas and suggestions, ask others for their opinions, and work towards a common goal. Within your group, you’ll gain valuable team experience that will boost your chances of success on the job—or in any endeavor you decide to take on!

This week, you’ll further hone two skills—relationship building and agility—as you explore the ideas (like honesty!) that dictate ethical public speaking. The guidelines you learn this week will ultimately help you collaborate and address others with more confidence, solid in the knowledge that your communication is forthright and fair. And that’s the truth!

This week, you’ll strengthen your relationship building and agility skills by learning about communicating in small groups and how you can excel when maneuvering the ins and outs of one-on-one communication. You’ll also explore how improving your collaboration with others is an important step towards achieving your personal and professional dreams!

This week, you’ll further strengthen your communication skill by revisiting the three modes of persuasion—ethos, pathos, and logos—in the context of public speaking. You’ll also explore the differences between informal and formal messages, and what it means to adapt your messaging and tone based on audience and purpose.

This week, you will develop your communication and agility skills as you learn how to prepare for—and deliver—an effective, persuasive speech. You’ll also discover the importance of organization, the value of an outline, and how to find and incorporate credible sources into your presentations.

This week, you’ll work on your communication skill by exploring how to effectively impart information to an audience. You’ll discover how to grab your audience’s attention (and keep it!) so that they truly hear what you have to say. This will not only allow you to communicate information more effectively, it can also help you foster success in virtually every facet of your life!

This week, you’ll grow your communication and agility skills as you explore strategies for combating public speaking anxiety and learn how to prepare for an online presentation.

This week, you’ll round out this course and sharpen your communication, relationship building, agility, and initiative skills by reflecting on how to apply everything you’ve learned to your future career. You’ll also consider how being a communication champ makes you more valuable to employers as you pursue your professional goals!