Smarter Decisions through Psychology

Why do you think, behave, and make decisions in the way that you do? Psychology is a human and scientific endeavor that uncovers the mysteries of thought and behavior. In this course, you will explore concepts such as learning, motivation, development, emotion, and personality and how you can use that knowledge to make smarter decisions for your future.

Course Outcomes

  • Discuss the ways in which key concepts and principles of psychology explain thought and behavior.
  • Use scientific principles and psychological concepts to recommend practical solutions to real-world problems.
  • Use psychological concepts and principles as part of a decision making process.

Media Assets

  • Features 11 Video Stories.

What makes you tick? And what ticks you off? You’ve probably asked such questions. But did you know there’s a whole science devoted to studying your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors … and providing answers to improve your life?

Is your mind separate from your body? It’s an age-old question. But with some amazing tools, modern science has found a clear answer: “No.”

Are you the same person you were ten years ago? Do you make decisions the same way? Will you improve yourself over the next decade? Developmental psychology investigates how people change as we age: our bodies, our brains, and our behaviors.

Why can you remember your third-grade teacher’s name, but can’t figure out where you put your keys ten minutes ago? The answer is memory – one of the most fascinating topics in psychology.

Welcome to week 5, where we meet WNBA star, Chamique Holdsclaw, who helps us look at something that impacts one in four people – but that many still feel uncomfortable addressing – mental health.

Climb aboard the F-16 of ace Air Force fighter pilot Nicole Malachowski. Before she could master her flight controls, she had to master her own feelings. That’s how powerful our emotions are.

Imagine waking up one morning to find you’re paralyzed. That’s the grim reality Nicole Malachowski faced. All her life she’d beaten the odds to rise up the ranks, from ace pilot to Air Force Thunderbird to White House advisor.

Movie and television star Omar Epps is facing the toughest decision of his life. It’s not whether to take on an important role, or how to succeed in Hollywood. His biggest decision is how to be the best father ever to his children, each and every day.

Imagine if every day you had to start from scratch – relearning the basics for how to lead your life. That’s what television and movie star Omar Epps has to do every time he tackles a new part.

Next time you feel stressed out by a test or a traffic jam, take a deep breath, and consider Nicole Malachowski’s idea of pressure. When she flew an F-15E fighter jet for the Air Force in Iraq, she was regularly called into the heat of combat missions.

What a journey these ten weeks have been! You’ve probed your behaviors and peered into your brain. You’ve explored your emotions and motivations, how you can manage stress and make the best decisions.