Managing Digital Assets

Welcome! This week will be a little different. We’re going to deep dive into a critical part of working with digital tools – managing digital assets. It’s one thing to search the Internet, but what do you do with the materials you find? And when you begin to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, where should you store them safely and how do you organize them efficiently? This week we’ll show you how managing your files will help you work smarter and faster.



Watch the Story

10 pts – This week you’ll meet musician, producer, and record label owner Mannie Fresh to find out how he uses digital tools to make music. You’ll also go inside the Cloud to learn how it has changed the way we back up, store, and share files. Be sure to complete both the Strayer Story and Strayer Talk this week!

Read Your Webtext

20 pts – This week is all about digital information management – both online and on your local computer. What is it, why is it so important, and how can you best make it work for you?

Join the Discussion

20 pts – Try out a new storage tool, set up a file system, and join the conversation on how this activity worked out.

Reflect Questions

10 pts – Take a moment to think about your experiences this week.