This week, we’ll explore how emotions work. We’ll learn how they control us, and how we can control them. We’ll discover why we need them to survive, and, better yet, to thrive.



Watch the Story

10 pts – In this week’s Strayer Story, you’ll discover how celebrity Omar Epps discovered the role his past played in his future.

Read Your Webtext

20 pts – Chapter 6 of your webtext traces the biological path that your emotions take, the role feelings play in shaping decisions, and how you can control them.

Join the Discussion

20 pts – What can you do as a manager to balance the emotional profile of your team so they can be productive?

Reflect Questions

10 pts – Take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve learned. It will help you hold onto what’s important.

ASSIGNMENT REMINDER: Your Case Study Assignment is due in Week 7.