Imagine waking up one morning to find you’re paralyzed. That’s the grim reality Nicole Malachowski faced. All her life she’d beaten the odds to rise up the ranks, from ace pilot to Air Force Thunderbird to White House advisor. Now, overnight, she’s gone from those heights to rock bottom. She’s suddenly deathly ill – and scared.

For her to pull through would take motivation. The same strength of will that’s powered her through all her achievements.

What motivates you? With Week 7, we explore how you’re able to cope with adversity, overcome it, and aspire to be great.



Watch the Story

10 pts – In this week’s Talk, Omar reveals his secret to acting – knowing how to learn and learning what makes people tick.

Read Your Webtext

20 pts – Read about motivation – what it is, where it comes from, and how it can turn setbacks into triumphs.

Join the Discussion

20 pts – There are a number of benefits to encouraging employees and team members to grow and develop their skills, talents, and competencies. How can you foster a growth mindset within your organization?


220 pts – A Little Help From My Friends is due this week.

Reflect Questions

10 pts – Take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve learned. It will help you hold onto what’s important.