What’s the Role of Religion?

Organized religion is one of the oldest social institutions in the world. No matter what your faith, the institution of religion gives followers a distinct set of beliefs and practices to help find meaning and purpose in life. This means that religion has an enormous influence on the actions and behaviors of huge groups of people around the world. But what does that impact look like on a daily basis? For Pastor Steve Stone and Bashar Shala, religion has led to a unique inter-faith friendship based on values that transcend any differences.



Watch the Story

10 pts – What does it mean to ‘Love thy neighbor?’ For Pastor Steve Stone and Bashar Shala, it means pushing past bias and preconceived ideas to practice what they preach – true faith, tolerance, and compassion.

Read Your Webtext

20 pts – Why is religion considered a social institution? How does religion influence people’s behavior, and how have people influenced changes in religious beliefs and practices? Find out the answers in this week’s webtext.

Join the Discussion

20 pts – Discuss how religion affects groups of people, either by bringing them together or creating more space between them.

Reflect Questions

10 pts – Take a few minutes to reflect on your learning this week.