Watch the Story

10 pts – Welcome to Week 8. Only 4 more weeks! This week, you’ll be introduced to Paul and Ari of Zingerman’s Delicatessen and community of businesses. You’ll explore how critical people are to an organization and the key characteristics of a successful manager.

Read Your Webtext

20 pts – Learning from Paul and Ari, we’ll dig deeper into the different types of hierarchies a business can have. We’ll learn about the importance of different corporate structures, and wrap up by reviewing the role of the human resources team.

Join the Discussion

20 pts – Click here to view your discussion.


220 pts – While not due until next week, you can get a head start on your fourth assignment. You’ll play the role of a Leadership Consultant tasked with helping a national discount retail store improve its in-store restaurant management team.

Reflect Questions

10 pts – We value your feedback and want to check-in regularly about how this course is going and what you’re learning. Your feedback will be used to improve your experience and your reflection will help ensure you are getting the most out of this course.

ASSIGNMENT REMINDER: Your Leadership Consultant Assignment is due in Week 9.