Mental Health

Welcome to week 5, where we meet WNBA star, Chamique Holdsclaw, who helps us look at something that impacts one in four people – but that many still feel uncomfortable addressing – mental health. Through her story, we explore the symptoms, ways to manage treatment, and how to fight the stigma around mental health.



Watch the Story

10 pts – This week, we’ll reveal how WNBA Chamique Holdsclaw faced her mental health issues head on and came out a champion.

Read Your Webtext

20 pts – This week you’ll learn about the symptoms and causes of psychological disorders and their treatment. Read about it in Chapter 5 of your Webtext.

Join the Discussion

20 pts – What insight did you gain about mental health disorders by hearing from someone who’s experienced one personally?

Reflect Questions

10 pts – Take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve learned. It will help you hold onto what’s important.

ASSIGNMENT REMINDER: Your Case Study Assignment is due in Week 7.