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Discipline-Based Courses

Intro To Business
BUS100: Real Business. Real People.


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Computer Information Science
CIS105: Digital Tools for Life


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English I: College Composition
ENG115: Your Words, Your Power


English II: College Composition
ENG 215: The Power of Persuasive Writing


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Intro to Psychology
PSY105: Making Decisions To Thrive


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SOC100: The Truth About Us


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Skills-Based General Education Courses

Professional Skills For Success
WRK100: Preparing For The Future of Work


Computer Information Science
CIS101: Navigating A Digital World


Intro To Communication
COM100: Communication at Work


Intro To Mathematics
MAT110: Using Math To Inform Your World


English I: College Composition
ENG116: Discover the Writer in You


Intro to Psychology
PSY101: Smarter Decisions Through Psychology


Personal Finance
ECO 110: Taking Charge of Your Economic Future


U.S. History
HIS110: Learn From The Past. Prepare For The Future


SOC101: The Story of Us


HUM201: Exploring Cultures: Adapting in A Global World


Mathematics II
MAT210: Data-Driven Decision-Making


English II: College Composition
ENG 201: The Power of Persuasion


Communication II
COM200: Communication: The Key To Working Together


Biology & Environmental Science
SCI201: Unlocking the Secrets of Science and Innovation


PHI201: Thinking It Through


Intro to Communication


Sociology II


Communication II


Intro to Statistics




Intro to Accounting


Introduction to Biology


U.S. History




African American Studies


College Readiness


Environmental Science


Our Innovative & Inclusive Curriculum

Our courses use real-world stories from a diverse range of experts and everyday people
to show how academic concepts come to life in the real world.
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What’s Included?

For Students

Engaging Media
(videos, interactive games, podcasts, etc.)
Story-driven case-studies and scenarios with real-world connections
Active Learning
(quizzes, discussion questions, etc.)
Workplace Skills

For Faculty

Professional Development & Training
Backend Analytics
Outcome-driven, performance-based assessments
Printable takeaway resources

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